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when a guy does some unneccessary shit for a girl beause he thinks it will help him get some pussy even though evryone knows there is no chance of that happening
when hersh was taking the sats, steph called and said "hersh my vagina is bloody, bring me a tampon" so hersh got up, went to a&p, bought some tampax, brought it her, and left. then two days later, after hersh finishes doing all of stephs homework, and finishes walking her dog and cleaning up its shit with his bare hands, he is at his grandmas funeral when steph calls and says, "hersh im done with this tampon, come throw it out for me. hersh runs to his car, goes up in the bathroom grabs the tampon, rubs it on his cock because that is the closest his cock will ever come to her pussy and then throws it out.
by south side playa April 03, 2005

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