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When things are going your way, or when you find your groove.
"Five Halo kills in a row, I'm finding my theme music!"

"Alex Rodriguez is on a hitting streak, he's really found his theme music!"
by sometimesavowel August 26, 2009
An attempt to ask people on a bus that only accepts change to break one dollar bills so that you can pay the fare.
"If the Bee-Line bus system accepted dollar bills, then I wouldn't be doing a fare crapshoot right now."
by sometimesavowel December 22, 2009
Used as a verb - when you completely overcome, top, or otherwise destroy something.
Damn, who did a 2012 on my car?

9/11 me, I'll 2012 you.
by sometimesavowel September 23, 2010

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