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Gourmet, overtly complicated, needlessly difficult, heavily involved, deeply intricate, the opposite of simple & easy, requiring patience & commitment.
1)In terms of MMOBG (Massively Multiplayer Online Builder Games) Cubelands is simple, Minecraft is moderate, & Wurm Online is convoluted.

2)She found two recipes for Swedish Meatballs; a simple one using fewer ingredients that took less time that might not taste as good, & a convoluted recipe using more ingredients with a longer cook & preparation time that promised to taste heavenly if cooked properly.
by Somecrazyredhead July 22, 2011
1)Someone who files many frivolous lawsuits against people or companies who use something he thinks he owns but legally doesn't. This is known as "Patent Trolling" & "Trademark Trolling."

2)A person who starts arguments in forums or starts a hateful forum topic.

3)A person who turns a comments section into a heated discussion that has nothing to do with the topic.

4)Hacking as a prank, sometimes referred to as "4chaning" or "Pulling a 4Chan."

5)Wikis mass publishing biased, spiteful, & false information, such as Encyclopedia Dramatica, Uncyclopedia, Conservapedia, & Metapedia.
A troll (company) sets up a bridge (claims copyrights over a word) & demands a toll to cross the bridge (wants payment for anyone using that word in one of their projects) or it will eat (sue) you.

1)EDGE attempting to sue any developer using "Edge" in the name of their game is a very well-known act of Repeat Trolling.

2)Bethesda Softworks's attempt to sue Mojang over their planned use of "Scrolls" in an upcoming game title.
by Somecrazyredhead August 05, 2011
Not usually deemed to be one until after the fiasco of a wedding, the Troll Bride makes a series of mistakes & poor decisions out of pure stubbornness, uneducated guesses, & deceit that antagonize the groom & everyone else involved.

Troll brides are guilty of some if not all of the following:

*Got the groom to propose after falsely claiming to be pregnant.
*Rejected initial engagement ring & demanded a prettier, more expensive one.
*Canceling arrangements at the last moment, after whatever was ordered has already been paid for.
*Making sure the bridesmaids are dressed as frumpy as possible so no one will pay attention to them.
*Postponing the wedding because the groom broke tradition by seeing her before the ceremony.
*Making the groom or his parents pay for everything.
*Interfering with the caterers & decorators by lording over every thing they do, like she knew their job better than they did.
*Saying "I do not" after begin asked "do you take this man."
*Postponing the wedding several times, especially for petty reasons.
*Telling the groom his best friend can't be his best man because she hates him.
*Complaining about the wedding gifts while the givers are withing earshot.
*Making the baker redo the cake.
*Acting like a spoiled diva drama queen.
Are you really going to marry your troll bride of a girlfriend after she ran out on the last guy she was engaged to?

She ended up being a troll bride; she lied about being pregnant & he's stuck with her because divorce is expensive.

What a troll bride; there's no part of the ceremony or after party where she didn't make an embarrassing ass out of herself.
by somecrazyredhead October 03, 2011
Usually niche food of acquired taste & often questionable origin enjoyed by only a small amount of people. It can also be a tasty food with a sky-high price tag.

While Wikipedia quotes it as being "a food item that is considered highly desirable in certain cultures," what they really mean is that it's panned by most of the population, but more people in that country will eat it than anywhere else.

A delicacy can range from poor people food (like the natto parents will force their children to eat), to tiny portions of overhyped rich people food (like french truffles).

Other delicacies are used purely for novelty & entertainment value outside their country of origin, such as eating a can of Surströmming, Balut, Pidon, or drinking Birds Nest Soup for a web review series about gross foods.
Aileen sent me a can of Haggis; a delicacy of Scotland. I was reluctant to eat it because it contained offal & because canned versions are never better than fresh. She reminded me what goes into sausages. I tried it & was relieved that it tasted like corned beef hash.
by somecrazyredhead January 27, 2013
The cheap lazy opposite of craftsmanship seen in lower quality bootlegs that don't even try to trick you into thinking you're buying the real thing, especially dollar store/poundland toys cast from molds of molds.
Would you look at the crapsmanship on this thing? Shoddy paint job, all the wrong colors, jagged plastic that reeks of crayon, barebones packaging, no articulation, easily breakable parts, the accessories are the wrong size, & it's a lot smaller than the original.
by somecrazyredhead June 16, 2013

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