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Akin to Drakes equation a similar pursuit is offered to guesstimate the TIME in generations a population of enlightened beings gain enough knowledge to understand their origins and purpose in life and thus begin to end the days of FAITH on earth.

First a review of Drakes equation used to guesstimate the possibility of advanced entities in our known galaxy of the Milky way which encompasses 300 Billion stars akin to our Sun.

THUS, gods equation is proposed for an infinite entity as humans as children of god given the gift of life on earth in order to master its domain in the realm of FAITH for its inherent aspect produces a drive towards infinity as ignorance is bliss YET pursuit of knowledge a rewarding gift.

The System is changing with each addition of deeds performed by each generation and a time will evolve whereby the system is ready to be TESTED. for that which is given much-much is expected.
I understand Drakes equation is used to find advanced entities of the universe but this Azar equation implies a moment in Time for our own race to perform certain tasks and state of existence as described in holy books or hearts of mankind before such communication is given with the universe let alone the spirit world of god.

Azar Equation = gods equation
#drakes equation #azar #atheism #creationism.aliens #carl sagan
by solomon sami azar April 23, 2010
In the visual power of Lightning comes the secret to unlimited clean energy for planet earth by way of nuclear fusion
For example- with the use of a one hundred year old device invented by Nikola Tesla himself which may reproduce man made lightning bolts up to tens of feet in length is the driving source of power to stimulate the isotopes of hydrogen bound in simple but special form of water- the end of the energy crisis is within site-thus lightning fusion has come about for a world that desperately need s a solution-time will tell- solomon azar-december 2008
#energy #tesla #einstein #fusion #nuclear #lightning
by solomon sami azar December 08, 2008
The dog whisperer is widely known in america as a teacher to tame mans best friend in america the dog. Similar in teachings but for the primate known as man or sometimes called children of god there are MAN whisperer's to teach tame and cultivate a population of humans to be civil and obedient in order for a prosperous community may arise which benefits everyone equally in justice peace and stability.
Jesus is truly the Man whisperer on planet earth. All shall submit in time as taming procedures an ongoing effort with each new littler or generations :)
#dog whisperer #taming #obeidient #roll over and fetch #jesus #reliogen
by solomon sami azar April 09, 2010
In the battle of good and evil on earth to mold and create a child of god on earth come s a final battle in which all living humans accept in order to end the days of violence on earth. sometimes in life the battle call takes time to be realized.for example in ww2 the official end was signed aboard a us warship against japan YET many never got the word on various islands and continued to fight for months, what of "signs' other than from the living not so obvious? As a messenger of god part of my duty is to relay this truth of this war of enormous death signified by two atomic bombs in which vaporized human beings YET spirit always continues. The truth of my words will be strengthened when the gift of my deeds is uncovered as I bring clean safe abundant energy to propel utopia- since April 2007 freely on net trying to uncover to faithless society to god and fellowman. time will tell
ww2 was Armageddon declared by heaven now given to fellow human beings by a messenger of god Let us continue to watch the world degrade until humans believe i messengers and god itself
#ww2 #world war two #armegeddon #armegedon #war
by solomon sami azar January 25, 2010
atheists by majority are spoiled white people with jobs-also homosexual as this is great venue to attack church
give a human being too much in shelter food and no responsibility and just maybe their arrogance grows to such a point they dont believe in anyone above them as they transform into a scumbag atheists
#atheists #theists #atheism #theism #jesus
by solomon sami azar January 26, 2010
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