1 definition by slytherin, hoe

Viral Pink Eye is when bacteria and germs that infect your eye(s), which causes them to turn pink, and in some cases burn, itch, and/or swell. It is accommadated with a very sore, swollen throat. It is like regular Pink Eye in a way, but takes much longer to heal because of the sore throat.
"So, Emma, what seems to be the problem?"
"Well, Dr. Ross, I believe I have pink eye."
"Let me check it out.
Ah, do you have a sore throat at all?"
"Yes. It even feels swollen!"
"That, Emma, is called a viral pink eye. It's just pink eye with a sore throat. You'll be fine in about 1-2 weeks."

by slytherin, hoe March 22, 2008

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