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1. Powerful person
2. Strong person
Bob is a real Salar.
by slar February 23, 2006
of elephant nature.
relating to or using a long, elephant nose like object.
This cock through the zipper is rather elephantory.
by slar February 12, 2010
1. Tea for anyone who believes that violence can be used to solve complex {social} issues.
2. Tea for authoritative leaders or parents.
3. Tea for an author.
person one: would you like some authoritea?
person two: no thanks, I like green tea better, and I dont subscribe to that ideology...

...and my writing is horrible.
by slar January 06, 2010
crazy + drunk
used to issue an extreamly drunk person
now is used for DRUNK + HIGH
yo man, i got some weed, i got some liquor, in a couple o mins, im gona be krunk quicker
by slar March 05, 2006

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