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The job a person gets when they wake up every morning, put a gun to their head, but can never summon enough willpower to pull the trigger.
As I entered the store, I was approached by the walmart greeter. Our eyes met for only a moment, but it was enough to see the deep, painful hopelessness in his gaze. Whoever the person he used to be had died long ago, leaving a spent shell, an automaton. An emotionless drone pretending to be a human being. "Good morning." he said to me. In subtext he might as well have said "Please kind stranger, kill me and end my existence, for I have not the strength to do it myself." Pity stayed my hand, and I made a mental note to avoid Walmart at all cost.
by skrag2112 July 01, 2010
A Scottish phrase that translates as "Go and sell your ass". "Raffle" meaning "sell" and "donut" meaning "ass". Said by Craig Ferguson on "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson" on May 22, 2008.
McTeagle: Lend me 50 pounds to mend the shed.
McDonald: Away and raffle your donut ya wee girl!
by skrag2112 May 21, 2008
A combination of midget and Hitler. Describes a tyrannical boss or supervisor who is also a dwarf.
He: "That little asshole supervisor who makes the weekly schedule is making us work Saturday!"

Me: "What a fucking midgitler!"
by skrag2112 August 17, 2008

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