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What ALL (adult) celebrities naturally are- fact!
Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, all the Spice Girls, etc, could go on forever.

Even all the "blonde" guy celebrities are naturally brunette (though guy are commonly called brunet). Jesse McCartney, Aaron Carter, those two kids from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, etc.

However, note that many kids have blonde hair that darkens with age. The Olsen twins naturally had blonde hair at one point.
by sixhunderedandfive July 26, 2007
Short or chatspeak for attention.
IMO, it's easier to type out "attention" than "a10tion".
by sixhunderedandfive July 27, 2007
A word that sounds really cool... what does this mean, anyway?
Me: I'm OBLIVIOUS!!!11111
Other person: Well one thing's for sure; you're oblivious to the meaning of "oblivious".
by sixhunderedandfive July 27, 2007
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