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Immature tiny little man bitch who cannot stand up for himself when confronted.
Will try and worm his way through life avoiding people he does wrong to in the process.
Self centered.
Good person until you find out more about him.
Will not leave you alone once you show kindness to him and will constantly rely on you for backup or help.
When flirted with he will not let it drop and will often harm others in the process of trying to get what he thinks is his even if it is a joke.
Chris: Damn John is annoying me with his lies about me behind my back.
Jack: Yes he will do that, he has told me you've said things that I knew you wouldnt say.
Chris: What a bitch..

Mollie: Wow this guy john won't leave me alone, i said a joke flirt to him once and now he is taking it way too far.
Sarah: Yes don't do that, he will not let it drop and will make you feel guilty if you tell him to stop now..
by shovah September 04, 2011

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