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3 definitions by shn725

A worn out/disposable jacket usually worn to fraternity parties, because of the high probability that it will get dirty, beer soaked, lost, or torn. Sometimes can even refer to a sweatshirt worn over your normal clothing to said events.
"I lost my coat last night at that party....good thing it was just a fracket."
by shn725 April 04, 2010
36 3
Referring to abuse of prescription medication pills, typically muscle relaxers or pain medication. Also could be used in reference to selling or "dealing" pharmaceutical pills.

Most recently referenced by Charles Rogers, in his Outside the Lines interview with Jemele Hill.
"Yeah, after I re-injured my shoulder I ended up getting deep into that pill game."

"I'm off other drugs, but I'm still heavy into that pill game, son."
by shn725 September 27, 2009
22 1
A statement either yelled in exuberance at the beginning of a DJ set, or used to describe a group of wild people in a club.
"Party people in the House say YEAAAHHHH"!
by shn725 January 29, 2011
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