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one of those multi-usage terms originating from Russian. Can be used as an exclamation (like dam) or an insult (like bitch).
"blya! I got a test tomorow and i didn't prepare yet."

"you dumass blya. you don't call a lady 'cunt' on the first date."
by shmusky April 03, 2005
A "cool" person from the pre-www era who watched too much buffy, mtv or one of those other "cool" programs where the only l337 gamers are antisocial geeks. however, if the person got his ass out into the world a little more, he would be humbled and amazed by the incredible l337ness of the average gamer.
hi, i think i'm cool but i lack any modern social skills and still think that using a computer is uncool, even though most of my friends get their dates on an online dating site.
by shmusky March 31, 2005
a professional noob. one who stubornly and arrogantly rejects good advice from those who know better then him or her. one who embraces and asserts his noobism.
Player A - "dude you can't kill a garg with bullets"
Player B - "its ok watch me do it"
Player B get his ass incinerated
Player A - "you dam noobist. i see you got your diploma."
by shmusky April 03, 2005
pretty much like coos emek but a little milder. still might get your face ruined by an angry arab.
"get out of the way, coos ehtok."

"coos ehtok, you are a rarely imbicilic individual."
by shmusky April 03, 2005
a server or gamer that exhibit rare amounts of lag, usually because they got some lame ISP like AOL.

what you get when you host a game over 56k.
"dam this server is lagomatic" (ping -- 2000)
by shmusky April 03, 2005
A russian expression for cop.
"yo the musars are here."

"get out you fuckin musar."

"musara zayibaly suki."
by shmusky April 03, 2005
a homosexual with an appearance that demands respect.
"wow look at that fagster."
by shmusky April 03, 2005

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