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10 definitions by sharks554

This is the only definition that explains the proper meaning of "ft". (its NOT "fuck that" or any other shit). It truly stands for "foot". A unit of measurement. 1 foot consists of 12 inches. 1 foot = 30.48 centimeters. "ft" also stands for other meanings such as : Fuck that, fuck them, for them, ect.
Most men desire to be 6ft tall. (Foot)
ft shit, im going away. (Fuck that)
ft, I hate them. (Fuck them)
I made this ft. (for them)
by sharks554 October 28, 2011
52 33
For Windows, stands for "control. its on the bottom left on your keyboard.
it can do various tasks, such as:
ctrl+alt+del opens task manager.
ctrl+z is undo
ctrl+y is to redo
ctrl+c is to copy
ctrl+v is to paste
And the list goes on...
The ctrl key is for Windows users and the Command key is for Mac users
by sharks554 January 04, 2012
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Four dots that if you connect then it would make a box.
Connect the dots ::
by sharks554 September 28, 2011
15 10
That annoying video on Urban Dictionary that pops up in just about every definition.
"Seal kisses bikini girls"

That video is everywhere on UD!
by sharks554 August 28, 2011
5 1
The only concentration camp where you get to go home.
THANK GOD you survived school today!
by sharks554 January 12, 2013
3 0
A large number. Comes after quadrillion.
It has 21 zeros

quint- (“five”) + -illion; ie the fifth power of a million, 10.30.
After Quintillion comes sextillion, then septillion ect.
by sharks554 September 25, 2011
6 3
Someone who is/acts gay.
Someone who is gay and an ass
Random gay guy: That guy is hot!
Normal guy: Shut up gay ass
by sharks554 August 02, 2011
16 14