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9 definitions by shaine pattison

she is a squirel from sonic the hedgehog she is tail aunt
in the vggts series she is mainly the main charector of the storys.
she is a princess of her village
by shaine pattison April 14, 2005
giant princess sally acorn
by shaine pattison April 14, 2005
basicaly the main charactor is an idiot in the (almost) same life as salad fingers
weird boy: will you marry me? *pulls out big ring*
salad fingers: ok i'll marry you...
i want a devorce, i'm keeping the ring.
by shaine pattison April 15, 2005
it is an animation that makes fun of salad fingers it is this cartoon makes even coop from megas xlr look smart.
stole all piks from salad fingers
horrible voices
by shaine pattison April 14, 2005
also one of the girls that guardian protects in the vggts series
the story crushing spree
by shaine pattison April 14, 2005
he is this being that is part human (head) and part mewtwo (body) he has all the powers of all the poke'mon and goes to different dimensions to learn other powers,to cause chaos (nut brings it back to peace) or is a protectors to his favorite things in the universe.he is in one of my storys at vggts world.
everything else is my secret.
he protects rouge the bat
he protects amy rose
he protecs cream the rabbit
he protects sally acorn
and many more
by shaine pattison April 14, 2005
these game's (exept resident evil 4 )
tests your skill, bravory, brains,.
They are recreating the old resident evil games 2003 or lower and putting them on the gamecube
"hope it's not chrises blood"- Barry
"GET DOWN"-leon 2
"alexia!"-wesker,,, veronica
by shaine pattison April 14, 2005