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The pronunciation is wrong. tao is pronounced dao.

"The way", "The Path", "The Flow" are some ways to describe what tao means. It originates from a religion/philosophy/spirituality called Taoism. The exact meaning of tao is untranslatable. Tao basically means everything. The tao is like a flow that is everywhere. People moving around, nature doing whatever it does, things like that are examples of tao. It's pretty hard to fully describe it.
I tried my best to describe tao, but it's too damn complicated.
by Seenus September 17, 2003
A radiohead album so fucking good, you cannot describe it's greatness.
by Seenus September 30, 2003
Possibly the best use of plastic in the world is making copies of Amnesiac, for it is so fucking good.
Words cannot describe Amnesiac, because it is better than letters.
by Seenus September 17, 2003
A brainwashed generation raised on MTV that like whatever's shoved in their faces, and are not affected by anything.
Look at those MTV generation kids singing along to Good Charlotte and not getting affected by all teh pron they saw when they were 3.
by Seenus September 02, 2003
A chat board found on neopets. These are the things they talk about (in short forms with tonnes of emoticons, of course):

1: musical groups that sing about teen angst
2: bf/gf dumping them
3: How they hate their life
4: What stereotypical group is better
1: OMG OMG!!! :) :) :) LP vs GC!!!!!!
2: My bf dumped me... :) :( :( share my sadness. NOW!@!#@´##ERYU#^%@!~~!~~~~
3: IM 9, pregnant, no bf, i wanna kill myself, whats sex?, come in here and say "be happy!" and i will cheer up.
by Seenus September 02, 2003
A Radiohead song that will grow on you over time untill it is your favorite song.
In Limbo sucked the first time I listened to it but now I love it so much...
by Seenus September 03, 2003
The reincarnation of Snoop Dogg. When Snoop dies, he will be reincarnated as Snoop Ggod. Snoop Ggod will then purge the world of all non-shiznits and people who take their rap careers too seriously.
"Shhhhhh! Be quiet you don't wanna get Snoop Ggod angry!"
by Seenus September 02, 2003
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