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the assholes who fuck up their cars with stickers,wings,tips, and 13" steel wheels, and give a bad name to the rest of us who improve performance tastefully...ex. turbo on inside clean factory look on outside....those muther fuckers make it easy for stupid ass redneck dumb shits to hate on everyone who drives a vehicle with only half the # of cylinders that they possess.
Billy Ray made fun of my 11 sec 1/4 mile integra for the simple fact that his mustang has beaten Trey's (high school kid) integra...you know the one with the big ass wing and the monza exhaust tip and the yellow spray painted interior and the homemade cold air intake oh yeah and he has dem stickers all over it, and dose euro tail lights and dem gtr turbo badges............bastard
by scott mcaneny May 04, 2004
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