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Retributive magic practiced by religious (as opposed to racial) Jews. The origin of the Shini Curse is in contention, with historians on one side claiming it was passed on to the Jews from the Gypsies in Nazi concentration camps (too soon?), and Jews themselves countering that the power was passed down from Jewsus Schrist, son of Jehovah.
In 1967 Egypt, Syria and Jordan decided to annihitale the Jews. Unfortunately for them they didn't know about the Shini Curse. In six days Israel defeated all three of those countries, obliterating the vast majority of their air forces and sending their armies into pathetic retreats, and more than tripling the size of Israel. Egypt and Syria, backed by the Soviet Union, tried again in 1974. Despite attacking on the most sacred Jewish holy day and in complete surprise, the initial gains made by what should have been a crushing victory were immediately reversed by the Shini Curse, and within two weeks Israel was threatening the capitals of both aggressor countries.
by scifiducky September 16, 2009
Saying "Full Gay" is an obligatory response for anything that goes above and beyond the realm of normal gayness. The love between two men is pretty damn excruciatingly gay, but the love between a man and a woman is Full Gay.
Bro: You know in Mexico it's not gay if you're pitching.
Me: Ga-
Bro: But I'd rather catch anyway.
by scifiducky September 11, 2009
The base sexual technique for when you post someone on their neck and then leap/fall into their body with your penis. This maneuver was implied by Trevanian in his novel Shibumi. In the subtext of a page Trevanian informed the reader that for their own safety he could not divulge his advanced sexual techniques to prevent injury or death.

To start a hopple you have to post the receiver up on their neck and possibly elbows with the rest of their body suspended over them. You then jump or fall and land with your penis entering their body. A hopple has been successfully completed if at least one participant orgasms and at least one participant survives. They do not have to be the same person.

There are many variants of the hopple.
Hopple - Jump from a standing position and land in a posted up vagina.
Dropple - Fall from a height and land in a posted up vagina.
Hopplegore - Jump from a standing position and land in an anus.
Dropplegoral - Fall from a height and land in a hopple-positioned receiver's mouth.

You can modify the hopple with any number of prefixes and suffixes to suit your mood/skill level, from the standard hopple to the Necroppletopplegoral where you get a running start on a corpse, cross-check it into a hopple position while simultaneously somersaulting into the air and landing in its mouth.
Bro: What happened to Linda?
Me: I tried to hopple her but she broke her neck and died.
Bro: Did you cum?
Me: No I broke my dick in half.
Bro: Fail.

Bro: Hey man can you help me hold up this corpse so I can necropplegore him?
by scifiducky September 04, 2009
Short for Booty Buns Sex which in itself is a euphamism for Anal Sex. Booty Buns sounds much cuter than Anal and as a result stupid women (i.e. women) will be more likely to accept Booty Buns Sex over Anal Sex.
Me: Hey Brenda lemme wedge my fattie fat fat cock into your narrow ass most likely resulting in you hemorrhaging to death, whattayasay?
Brenda McCuntface: Ewe gross. That's nasty cause that's where the poop comes out. Of your anus. Gross. I-
Me: Jesus shut up bitch. How about Booty Buns Sex instead?
Brenda McCuntface: Hey now! That sounds fun! My booty is what I use for dancing!
Me: I hate you. Bend over.
by scifiducky September 04, 2009
The craziest post-apocalyptic mow-hawked aboriginal nutcase bastard ever to walk the wastelands. Makes Mr. T look like the ideal date to bring home to mother. Normally when you are an army that wears power armor and uses plasma weapons you do not fear a sun-scorched naked native with a sledge hammer—except for Sulik. Then you run. Partly to keep your face from being smashed in, partly because you’re afraid he’ll rape you in front of your comrades, partly to look for your children. Point is, you run.
Sulik: We an I iz goin ta dem house and bash dem chillinz in da face wit my hamma.

Chosen One: Um, we're in the middle of having to kill the whole town because I tried to steal a magazine. You can't just leave!

Fallout 2: Sulik does jet. Sulik does jet. Sulik does jet. Sulik doesn't have enough action points.
by scifiducky October 05, 2009
The act of moonwalking out of the way of a strike to the testicles. From the French, Sack Sachez literally translates into scrotum knowledge. Anyone who knows their scrotum knows not to get kicked in it. Getting kicked in the dick is no picnic either.
You know how I know you're gay? You Sack Sachez every time a girl tries to touch your penis.
by scifiducky September 08, 2009
The fallout that ensues after a righteous infliction of retribution characterized by a horrible cunt. This is distinguished by an aftermath by the ill-intention on the part of whoever is causing the wrathtermath. The United States sees the disinhabitablization of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (too soon?) as an unfortunate aftermath of trying to end a war quickly, where Japan sees the broken and impoverished Chinese a justified wrathtermath of mindlessly slaughtering their impure neighbors.
Bro: How come you're only eating chili and beans and chili-beans and raw garlic?
Me: Because I hate you.
Bro: But you're only hurting yourself.
Me: Wait for the wrathtermath.
by scifiducky September 16, 2009

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