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The bum on a woman men want to pat.
Adapted from the long-running ads on British TV featuring women patting their bums to listen to the money they save by shopping at Asda.
Since Julie had liposuction, all the guys think she's got an Asda Arse
by Sarah W March 10, 2006
Sex, where the girl is in the postion of someone being frisked by New York's finest, against the wall or on the bonnet of a car
I got NYPD Blue'd last night
by Sarah W July 27, 2005
A knight who wields his pork sword for his own pleasure, not for fair maidens; a wanker
Keith's the biggest owner operator I've ever met
by Sarah W July 27, 2005
discarded chips/french fries
salad dodger : If you don't want those tramp's truffles, pass them over here.
by Sarah W July 27, 2005
A poncy hairdresser's 4x4.
Short for Suzuki
That Zook's got more accessories than a tart's handbag, and it still couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding.
by Sarah W July 27, 2005
Killing of an unborn child. Unborn not meaning dead, but simply in the womb. Many people believe it should be legal soley because of rape, incest, and when it endangers the mothers life. Little do these people know, those cases make up around 7% of abortions performed. Should laws be based on exceptions? no. Should abortion continue to be easilly excessable to whom ever needs one? no. In fact, Many people also think that teenagers should have the right to choose, especially if their family income is low. I guess they dont know that most of teenagers who have abortions come from a family setting where the yearly income was 60,000 dollars or higher. So agian, No other law is based on exceptions, why should abortion be?
i killed my child through an abortion today because I want to make women look bad because we can't handle silly little problems and keep our legs closed.
by sarah w August 06, 2005
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