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A flash and video submission site. It has games, videos, flash, images, text files, forum and a chat. Alot smaller then newgrounds and their files are submited through the forum rather then a portal as on NG. More appropiate for teens then NG with less sexual content.
Albino Blacksheep was started in 1998.
by Sami Yamamoto May 24, 2005
Where a one puts un deliluted hot Tobasco sauce in a childs mouth as a form of punishment.
Hot saucing is just one of the many forms of child punishment in a proposed bill to portect children from unusual punishments.
by Sami Yamamoto June 11, 2005
Insult simular to "your mother" but more insulting because your not only insulting their mother, your instulting all their maternal lineage. (Thats their mum, grand mum, great-grand mum ect)
Father: "What subject did you score highest in school, son?"

Pretentious teen rebel: "Your maternal lineage."
by sami yamamoto June 11, 2005
One of those people you alway see in the yahoo chats or game rooms. Constantly chatting and profiles that are nearly a whole website.
Dern Yahooligians always pissing on my lawn!
by Sami Yamamoto June 07, 2005

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