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a website that offers hours of pathetic entertainment with a click of a button
i like you tube
me too
by salr October 16, 2006
1) Alternate spelling and pronunciation for Bieber, with an intent to mock.
2) Solid Bubbles
You left the milk out, now its bieblered.
by salr February 22, 2011
When two friends or lovers who have not seen each other for a while enthusiastically move to greet one another, reminiscent of the many parodies and movies where this usually happens in a field of flowers.
Person 1: "When she got off the bus and they noticed each other, they both ran to hug and make out"

Person 2: "What a total field moment!"
by salr April 12, 2010
1) When one is pissing at the urinal, looks to the side and sees someone who greets them, or knows them.

2) Any awkward situation which resembles the situation above. Not necessarily male oriented.

3) Like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.
person 1: "I looked to the left and saw my prof. He smiled at me."
person 2: "How did you deal with that urinal situation?"
person 1: "I smiled back."

person 1:"Was waiting in line with my girlfriend at the pharmacy when I realized my ex and her boyfriend were waiting in line behind us. We were both buying the pill."
person 2: "I'm glad I wasn't apart of that urinal situation."
by salr March 01, 2011
quick way of saying "doing needle drugs"

usually heroin
"lets go smoke weed and poke needles"
by salr October 16, 2006
poo, shit, crap

pronounced: Shee - it while saying it fast
snoop dogg style
this weed is the shyt
by salr March 23, 2006
How many times you let the phone ring before you pick it up.
Here are the ratings for it
(how many times you let the phone ring)->(event)

1-> you are very insecure
2-> 2 is your lucky number
3-> you are waiting for callers ID
4-> you like to let it ring a while
5-> you have trouble finding the phone
6-> you think its cool to let the answering machine pick it up
yo man, my girls phone stamina is like a 6, she hardly picks up
by salr March 19, 2006

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