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apes but less intelligent
FEmale:think wearing fake gold is cool because in their eyes its real and they like to wear fake cloths from highstreets in a townie words (igh street) as in burbury, wear stupid fluffy hooded coats, and use words like:blad,al'ight love etc etc
MALE: same fluffy hooded coats,like to say wot wot wot wot wot wot wot wot wot wot when people are "larie" or "rude boy" and if you make them laugh they'll call you "this kids jokerz blad" .in oother words townies are stupid retardish sleazy tramps which buy fake everything although they call every1 else tramps but the only reason why they buy fake stuff is coz in their eyes (the faker it is the more "bling" it is
al'ight love can you get me some wa'er
by sahand mamand February 04, 2004

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