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Someone who addicted to high of honeymoon phase of relationships but leaves as soon as high wears off they jump on to next person to have bigger fill leaving the one behind hurt and heartbroken.Synonymous with the terms serial dater,player,slut,honeymoon phase junkie
Jenna: I can't believe Dave's got a new girlfriend,I only dated him for 3 months.
Sarah: He dated me before you for 2 Months,What a honeymoon phase addict he is,It's not gonna last 2 weeks.
by ryu_kage99 November 20, 2011
1.People who are overly clinical,depressive,pessimistic about everything,We could say the see the world through shit colored glasses instead rose colored glasses.
Joe: What's wrong with Paul,he keep harping about how bad everything is.
Jeff: Oh,Paul wears shit colored glasses.
by ryu_kage99 August 23, 2011
Looking at things with nostalgic light even if it's obviously terrible.Especially when it comes to old flames.
Joe:I miss Alex.
Dave: Take off your nostalgia goggles.
Joe: Why?
Dave: She cheated on you,dumped you for a that quarterback who knock her up.
by ryu_kage99 December 12, 2014
A nice guy or girl who volunteers to be the dumpee in a relationship because they're too nice to dump someone first.
Jeff is too much of nice guy to dump his girlfriend. So he ended being the volunteer dumpee.
by ryu_kage99 May 19, 2012
1.Act of dumping someone before they dump you first,which sometimes result of them getting mad at you because they wanted to do the dumping instead of the one being dumped.
John:I had to do a pre-emptive dumping on that girl

Sam:So is that why she was leaving you angry calls and texts.
by ryu_kage99 November 16, 2011
1.When you dating someone just to get over someone or just dating around until you're ready to get back on horse.
You Know Dave is Sally's place-holder, Until she's ready to walk down the aisle. Poor Dave
by ryu_kage99 July 02, 2011
A kind of relationship where both people are each other's rebound which is more fair due both party members seeking each other more like a friends with benefits relationship then a committed relationship since they're not emotionally healed from the previous relationship any circumstance can come into play.
Jack and Jen have both dumped by lovers and both them are in a double rebound but however they're not sure where to go yet.
by ryu_kage99 December 21, 2011
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