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a female who is often found going 'WOOOOOO!' in public. this behaviour is most often exhibited while in the presence of other woo-girls. it is speculated that this is a mating call used to attract men of less than average intelligence. this behaviour can most easily be observed in bar districts, at maroon 5 concerts, or spring break destinations. also, woo-girls are known to have an affinity for chads.
"this limo drove by with a bunch of woo-girls standing out of the sunroof trying to get attention."
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
slang for Sriracha style hot chili sauce. this sauce is usually found at thai or middle eastern restaurants. the name is derived from the drawing of a rooster found on the bottle.
"next time try some cock sauce on your falafel sandwich. it's a tasty treat."
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
an obese person with pictures online that make them appear less fat than in real life. secret fatties are known to employ a multitude of techniques. one method to to use their hair to frame their face in a way that makes it seem more slender than would otherwise be the case. secret fatties are also skilled at taking pictures from angles that make their faces seem more angular and attractive, as opposed to the reality, which is a bloated sack of lard.
"she seemed hot online, but when she walked into the bar i knew i was the victim of a secret fatty."
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
commonly used slang referring to the sphincter.
"dude, that fart was so vicious, i think i blew out my o-ring."
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
the actor commonly known as Ben Affleck.
"gigli is attrocious, but you could figure that out by knowing Butt Assfuck is the lead role.
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
a woman's breast. this definition is exclusive to women, as men cannot be mothers.
"i'd like to paw her mommy bags around"
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
an unusually small penis. definition is derived from the appearance it takes upon a flacid state.
"the life-drawing class couldn't help but giggle at the model's miniscule acorn.'
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005

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