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very small town in Union County. It is slowly loosing all athletic ability and recently growing in minorities. No big businesses in this town. Only hangout spots are "the grove" ;which barely exists anymore, or the highschool. Kids very big on smoking pot and attempting to "party" unfortunately all parties in this town are lame and are either busted or in a cramped, dirty garage.
Yes its true, RP does have the hottest girls and guys but they dont got the brains. Only the un-attractive people are the ones bringing up the towns gpa. Drama is a common word to decribe this town. People who grew up here and played in sports usually grow up to hate the towns around them. There are no such thing as pep ralleys where they egg the underclassmen, or mischirf night due to the fact that RP officers all take their jobs too seriously. College kids come back to this town and have nothing to do but drink by themselves. This town is full of backstabbers and liars who all know each other but are too afraid to confront anybody. Its sad to see a town as pathetic as this one. I am from RP and rather have grew up in Kenilworth.
<me> Yo, you doin anything tonight?
<other> Nah man, no plans
<me> well lets drink in your garage, then we can go to cranford and find some chicks
<other> lets do it, i cant be in roselle park for another night

....both kids end up getting numbers. if in rp, nothing exciting would have happened. Probably would have ended up playing video games or throwing eggs at houses.

by rp hater April 05, 2008

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