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to get rejected by a person you are trying to take home.
"After Jeremiah bragged about how he was going to bang a slut tonight, only to see her leave with another man, I went up to him and yelled in his face, " Damn boy, you just got dikembe mutombo'd.
by rosco ruxpin October 25, 2006
a girl so ugly you have to stare at the headboard in order to have sex with her
That hideous man beast Orr brought over the other night was was such a headboarder i think i heard him crying in the morning
by rosco ruxpin October 23, 2006
that hairy and often times sweaty area between the asshole and the ball sack
I often times catch alex making his cat lick his middle meat after he goes for a run.
by rosco ruxpin October 23, 2006
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