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1. A rapper with a couple of good songs but also a rapper who couldn't compare with 2 pac. A rapper who had good flow but if you listen to 2 pac you'll find out 2pac's flow is better.

2. A girls pussy, named so because Biggie the rapper was a pussy.

3. Somebody who has constant sexual activity with puff daddy, p.diddy, diddy or sean combs.
1. "2 Pac's Dead?!?! Shit dude, someone better kill biggie now,he's useless as he is a crap rapper and theres no 2 pac to make diss tracks about him now."

2. " I slammed my girlfriends biggie last night, it was tight!"

3. "Theres something strange about that guy, I think he's a biggie you know? Having sex with Sean combs and all!"
by rooney R September 15, 2006

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