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(a) A cute animal. Often used to describe young pets such as kittens or puppies etc who can be caricatured, simply, by two big eyes surrounded by fur.

(b) As with any kitten synonym, it can also be used to describe a lady's nether regions
Look at my kittens. This bundle of fluff is called Moby, this one is called Mr Brown, and this one is called Bubble.
by ronny stalker August 29, 2009
1. A persistent, harmless, fan.

A person who is famous within an organisation or department because they keep popping up, 'helping', suggesting ideas and generally showing an unhealthy interest in whatever the organisation does. This person has no official connection with the company and yet seems to be more loyal to it than its own employees.

A good serial pest will have somehow managed to discover your the boss's direct email address.

2. A person who is addicted to pulling public pranks and is regularly in the press for doing so.
Example One:
Media Mogul: We need a new regular feature in the Entertainments Section of the mag. Got any ideas?

Magazine Editor: One of my serial pests suggested something yesterday. It might just fit. I'll dig it out.

Example Two:
Employee 1: I bumped into 'Hairy Man' this morning, you know, the serial pest. He said he wanted to come to the packaging tradeshow with us and help out on the exhibition stand.
Employee 2: Great. He can take my place.
Employee 1: Ha! Very funny.
by ronny stalker January 26, 2010
A derivative of the old worn-out phrase "get outta here!"

Said by someone to communicate either :

* disbelief, or

* a desire to, swiftly, end the conversation or move onto to a new topic

This new version re-kindles the emphasis and weight that its predecessor had lost through overuse.

Often said with a pause to indicate that the speaker has 'upgraded' the statement mid-sentence.

A Brit first overheard it being said by a camp person in L.A and then propagated it to Essex, UK. Therefore, it MUST be said with a fake, camp, US accent every time.
Jim: Did you know that no one has submitted "Gullible" into the Urban Dictionary yet?

Bob: Oh that's really interesting...someone really should...
..oh... get...out...of...everyplace!
by ronny stalker January 25, 2010
A type of bus. The most rustic, low-cost, form of public of transport. Referring to those seen in exotic / 3rd World countries where people often share their journey with chickens and other animals.
Shall we be posh and get a taxi into town or save money and get the chicken bus?
by Ronny Stalker May 12, 2009
Shortened form of 'Did you have sex?' or 'Did you do it?'
Sleeze: I had a dream about you last night.
Hottie: Did you?
Sleeze: Nah. You wouldn't let me.
Hottie: Meh!

Source: I saw that joke on an episode Casualty, BBC TV Show
by ronny stalker May 18, 2010

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