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The Warning game is where there is a warning system established in a group of friends. Warnings can be given to people if they do cringe-worthy things, or acting/behaving/imitating Tom Portlock. When you are issued with 4 warnings, you get a punch in the arm from everyone in the group at the time. Warnings cannot be issued to people if you are not in public. 12 warnings means you will then be put on Report, Which then means you only need 2 warnings to get punched. Warnings are automatically reset to 0 at the start of each day ( 00:00 ).
If you don’t think you deserve a warning for something that has happened, you can appeal to the group, then it is put to the vote.
Conor - Huhuhuhuh *Sniff*

-Group stares at him blankly-

Mark - First Warning Conor.......

>Warning Game<
by roib NoKell February 08, 2010

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