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53 definitions by rogerthewale

A person who fucks for money (aka, a prostitute). However, the reason these particular prostitutes are not arrested is because it's all done on camera for "artistic," "creative," or "entertainment" purposes, then posted online for easy access by horny children.
Beth: I want to fuck for a living.

Lawyer: You'll go to jail for that.

Beth: But what if I video tape it for millions to see, and still get paid?

Lawyer: Well thats fine. Fucking for money on camera is acceptable, but take away that camera… and you be breaking the law, bitch.

Beth: Then from this day foward, I shall be a pornstar. You want to fuck me now? Just $10.

Lawyer: I'd love to, but I dont have a camera.
by rogerthewale December 18, 2010
The worst pop artist in history, with the added phrase "with a dollar sign" to make evident the crappiness of her act, especially her name. Ke$ha?!? Are you fuckin' serious. KE$HA?!? Oh yeah Kesha (with a dollar sign), you think you are so cute and so smart by coming up with a dollar sign in lieu of an "s". I can't believe nobody thought of that before! It's almost as shitty as the music itself. I would rather get stung up the dick hole by a hornet than listen to a so-called-song of yours.
Come on, why does all this crappy music exist today? Why did John Lennon and Kurt Kobain have to die? Fuck Justin Bieber. Fuck The Jonas Brothers. Fuck Miley Cyrus. And especially Fuck Kesha with a dollar sign.
by rogerthewale August 25, 2010
The act of fart smells diminishing, then suddenly coming back, even though only one fart was released. It is a phenomenon caused when the ass vapors bounce off of walls.
I farted in school. The smell lasted for about a minute. After 30 or so seconds, the fart echo came, and it stayed for another minute, giving the people around me a double dose of my stinky stuff.
by rogerthewale April 10, 2010
A vagina that has been fucked so much that it becomes swollen and looks like Angelina Joile's lips.
That chick that I did last night obviously had sex earlier that day. She had a lower angelina.
by rogerthewale April 21, 2010
A skin-like film which forms on the penis after ejaculation, when the semen dries.
John: Dude! Your dick skin is peeling!

Joe: Oh that?!? No that is my sperm derm. I was masturbating in the kitchen an hour ago.

John: Oh. Okay.... Hey this egg flour soup tastes kinda funny.
by rogerthewale August 17, 2010
1) A method used by those who submit to urbandictionary. The method involves going to urbandictionary every day to click the thumb up in order to try to gain viewers, because it didn't make the word of the day.

2) Something that will happen to this definition if it does not become word of the day.
Goddammit! My words fart echo, lower angelina, sperm derm, and kesha with a dollar sign did not become word of the day. Now I am never going to be the big-shot urbandictionary submitter. Oh well! I better resort to the Multi-Clicking Method
by rogerthewale September 09, 2010
The most euphoric sexual experience imaginable, at least in terms of oral sex.
My god! This is the most perfect head I've ever had. And this pussy is delicious. I'm walking on air! This is literally cloud 69.
by rogerthewale October 21, 2010