3 definitions by rockon

A hardcore fan of Alice Cooper.
Bryan is a total Cooper Trooper. He's got all of Alice Cooper's albums, many on vinyl.
by rockon August 08, 2007
The resulting spray between your fingers when you vomit in public and try to hold it back with one hand.
Hugh: "I heard Chuck puked in the middle of the bar last night."
Ralph: "Yeah, he did a four finger spread over some people's table."
by rockon September 05, 2008
The paranoid feeling you get while very stoned that you are walking funny, or that your posture is a little awkward.
Stoner 1: "Hey man, why don't you, uh, just walk across the room and, like, get it?"
Stoner 2: "Aw man, I huh, don't want that hot babe to see me walk. I huh, got funk butt real bad."
Stoner 1: (uncontrollable giggling)
by rockon September 02, 2008

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