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3 definitions by rob fee

The act of a man filling his partner's deep naval with fecal matter in order to lubricate it for intercourse. After he ejaculates into the fecal filled naval, the man punches his partner in the stomach causing the feces/semen to shoot out in a caulking gun like motion
Yo Bernice is such a fat ass I think I can give her a Mississippi Caulking Gun tonight!
by rob fee April 27, 2008
The act of a man or woman performing oral sex on a woman, preferably while drunk, until he or she vomits into the vagina of the woman. The vomit is then removed with a tablespoon into a bowl, covered in Paul Newman Salad Dressing and served to the woman.
You could tell I had Ramen Noodles for lunch because the noodles were dripping from the Santa Fe Salad Bar I gave Bernice!
by rob fee May 01, 2008
The act of a man using his penis like a paint brush in the hand of a master artist to smear semen onto the taint of his partner in an artistic way; preferably painting happy semen trees.
I don't need public access television to see painters, Kevin gave me a Bob Ross last night and I still can't wash it off my taint!
by rob fee May 01, 2008