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In a word...overrated.

Honestly guys....Lelouche is the spitting image of Yagami Raito (Death Note).

Sure...the whole "my eye changes colors" this is pretty cool...but seriously guys...really? REALLY? T_T

Not only that but his name is Lelouche? Honestly, it rhymes with douche. T_T

Then, his nickname is Lulu? The hell?!


Hoo boy...I haven't even gotten to the title of the series...

Code Geass?

More like Code Gay Ass.

All in all, this anime is horrible with re-used characters and plot. =P

Geass fans should shut up and move onto better anime!

Use "Geass" instead of "gay ass"


Man...get your geass out of here!

What was that? You want my cock in that geass of yours?
by real anime fan January 19, 2009
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