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Heroin, but specifically the reddish-brown poppy resin that comes up from Mexico, usually sold in very small amounts in latex balloons. Considered the lowest-quality heroin obtainable in the USA, as opposed to the more powerful, more desirable and expensive Black Tar or China White heroin varieties.

Also simply nicknamed "brown" because of its color.

"Chiva" means "goat" in Spanish.
"We've been banging chiva because we couldn't get any Black tar or China White."
by rasputin1963 February 04, 2013
(adjective) Extremely bad, displeasing or offensive to one or more of the senses. Not only bad, but singularly bad to the point where it is estimated to be the very worst of its kind.
The crime scene was a gawdawful spectacle he'll never forget.

My housemaid has no sense of smell... which is good, because she is spared the gawdawful odors that my house sometimes harbors.

Melvin Van Peebles's SWEET SWEETBACK'S BAADAAASSS SONG is a gawdawful mishmash of ideas and tones.

John's first attempt at preparing Indian food simply yielded a gawdawful mess that he ended up feeding to the dog.
by rasputin1963 July 23, 2010
Originating in the U.S. Army of WWII, this is the shorthand slogan to describe the hygiene preparation an enlisted soldier must do to ready himself for a military inspection by superiors.

"Shine" refers to the careful and thorough polishing of one's black military boots.

Now it has entered civilian use to mean preparation for any important social event in which one must look good, often abbreviated nowadays to just "shit, shave and shower".
Soldier 1: "We've got an inspection later today from the brass."

Soldier 2: "Guess it's time to shit, shave, shower and shine."
by rasputin1963 February 18, 2013
(verb phrase, colloquial euphemism)

To die by suicide, chronic self-abuse or careless behavior.
We've brought you to the Crisis Intervention ward because you tried to do yourself in.

Slow down on the wet road, or you'll do yourself in.

Shooting heroin and coke together is a surefire recipe to do yourself in.
by rasputin1963 December 28, 2010
Breasts and female buttocks. This expression comes from the entertainment industry, and may well date to the vaudeville era. It means using feminine beauty, in various states of undress, to spice up or ornament a dramatic or musical show. Often used cynically to imply that the tastes of audiences are of the lowest common denominator: shallow and sexually-obsessed, failing to appreciate other aspects of a show thought "finer", such as drama, action, talent or music.
Example 1: When we staged this show, we included a number of scantily-clad female dancers, because all audiences really want nowadays is tits 'n' ass.

Example 2: You're spending HOW much on your musicians for this show? Don't you know that all people really want is tits 'n' ass?

Example 3: In the 1960's, pop music was really about talent and musical ability. Now it's all about tits 'n' ass.
by rasputin1963 November 10, 2013
Besides an un-PC imitation of an Asian's speech accent, rotsa ruck is a backhanded rejoinder: It is a way of sarcastically saying: "You'll never be successful at doing that." OR "That's a near-impossible task."

Probably originated on American college campuses of the 1960's.
Man #1: I'm studying political science and world religions, so I can finally bring peace between the Jews and Muslims on the Gaza Strip.

Man #2: Rotsa ruck on THAT one.


Woman: I'm meeting with the Texas PTA tonight to convince teachers to discuss GLBT issues with their sixth-graders.

Man: Hey, rotsa ruck on that.
by rasputin1963 March 23, 2014
From the world of international perfumery. This word is used to describe perfumes which remind one of the sort of scented body oils one typically finds for sale at a head shop. Which is to say: potent, dark, synthetic, somewhat inelegant and indelicate, or blended to have a cloying, stale or lurid heaviness.
Perfumista #1: Have you tried that new perfume called DUNGEON?

Perfumista #2: Yes... it's really not my style. Too headshoppy. I prefer fragrances which are light, fresh and natural.
by rasputin1963 April 21, 2011

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