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15 definitions by ramazz777

Any slackjawed gapemouthed semen hungry fuck socket that sucks on the snotty end of a piss-pole more often than is considered proper for polite society.
Janie is such a cumdumpster that i fully expect to find her faced down in an alley with nut stains on her back and joy juice dripping from every orifice.
by ramazz777 January 24, 2005
1378 327
During an unusually voluminous defacation, the sensation that one's vital organs will be lost along with the fecal matter.
Jimmy scrawled a hurried last will and testament on the bathroom stall door, because he was shitting so fast and heavy that he thought surely this was the Apoopalypse.
by ramazz777 February 25, 2005
190 36
A woman (usu) who receives money for chugging the snotty end of a piss pump until the "john's" fuck stick blows a bileous ball bilge bolis of throat yogurt down the back of her crack smoking gullet.
Homicide detectives found another hooker face down and spread eagle in the alley with nut stains on her back and several loads of baby batter dripping from her fetid stinkpit of a womb
by ramazz777 January 11, 2005
477 428
Attaining sexual gratification by eating the feces of another. See fetish
Although Lana's ravenous penchant for copraphilia made her appreciate her Master's inordinately voluminous defecations, the rate of poop flow in their last encounter was reminiscent of the Apoopalypse
by ramazz777 April 11, 2005
55 30
A person who politely smiles and feigns amusement, while someone in their presence re-enacts a comedy sequence so poorly that others nearby are embarrassed.
John's longwinded retelling of the usually hilarious apoopalypse skit made me a comedy-captive for four painful minutes.
by ramazz777 March 08, 2005
24 8
euphemism for vagina.
Tim's balls got tight as he prepared to fire a load of jism into Mary's sweaty axe wound.
by ramazz777 June 23, 2006
31 16
semen esp. ejaculated from male humans onto/into the undergarments of women
I was so hot for that cheerleader that i shot a load of garter tartar all over her panties.
by ramazz777 May 12, 2005
33 18