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A woman who defines the feminist movement by squatting on male achievements of the past with an entourage of gay men who are even dumber and enjoy nothing more then reverting to their childhood muppet culture.

A celebration of feminism, because no man would want to fuck her without knowing she's rich or without a blindfold.

The feminist equivalent of Marilyn Manson. She sings soul, dresses like an idiot, steals from everything, and can't get a big enough cock.

A rich, celebrity, who pretends to be from the Bronx, but grew up with Paris Hilton and practiced Madonna styled lesbianism on her. A woman who is not the pentacle, celebration of white feminism in the United States, but the desperate last shout, before latin america takes over the country and we can eagerly await that conservative transition.

A woman who fortunately enough is too stupid to care, about any of this.
Did you see that ladies outfit, she was rich, desperate for attention, and looked like she was hooking for the Chinese. She was soo Lady Caca.

OMG did you see that lady Caca performance, it reminded me of when Madonna did Like a Virgin, raped a bunch of muppets in the ass, sat on a cross, and ate corn flakes. Luckily that never happened.

OMG Marilyn Manson chopped his cock off and is marketing to fags on Ritalin that liked being on the slow bus—where anyone can find a date.

I said it before and I'll say it again that Marilyn Manson is one ugly woman.
by quintincrisp July 04, 2011
An individual that becomes the amalgamation of internet identities. A person that has multiple personality disorders mainly because they surf the internet too much and start acting like they are Madonna in their real life, although they are nearly homeless from their internet habit.

Please also see Lady Gaga and her future impact on homosexual men.

Please also see Internet Neurosis and Internet Psychosis (featuring Second Life)
Jason Rhodes sculptural work suffered internet scyzophrenia to the point he had a heart attack completing his work in Portland Oregon.

Elton John suffered Internet Scyzophrenia before it was even fashionable...he was such a trend setter and it took lots of cocaine.

Madonna was the first stable Internet Scyzophrenic, she stole from everyone without pity or empathy. Some say she is the first internet Psychotic Narcissist.
by quintincrisp July 02, 2011
Any gay guy that enjoys gentrifying the hood while looking for his perfect Sean Paul—forgetting that down low is a term for gay black and hispanic men in gangs and Sean Paul is jewish.
Macy's Down Low Queen

Man those two queens are stuck like glue and dey just met dey are soo DLQ.

She's been on the second floor of Macy's Mens Bathroom for quite a long time maybe she found her MDLQ.

I don't really care what people say, I don't really watch whats in my door, but I don't really watch whats in my door, but I got to stick to my girls back door...say what.
by quintincrisp July 07, 2011
A person of authority who needs the constant adulation of others to feel successful and often takes revenge when found out for abuses of authority. Hence the term "Don't squeeze the charmin".
That backstabbing jerk is not charming he's charmin.

He has slept with so many of his own students and seems to get by. Two people who ratted him out had mysterious heart attacks. I hear he knows Elton John. "Don't squeeze the charmin".

She is so cute and charming...you would never guess that she strips on the side of her banking job and has been rumored to be involved in two of her own bank's robberies. Her dad is mayor. "Don't squeeze the charmin".

He worked as ad executive for BBDO and stole from European ads of the 90's. It all backfired when BBDO ran that serial killer ad for The Super Bowl. It didn't go over well. He kept his job and got three of his friends fired. I here he's sleeping with the boss. "Don't squeeze the charmin"
by quintincrisp July 04, 2011
Anyone who is not on stage for a community theater presentation. Some people applaud out of respect and some people applaud because they get to stand up and avoid the blood clot that is forming in their legs from sitting in the uncomfortable seats.
Theater of Pain

I had to sit through a community theater version of Les Misérables and I was Les Misérable. It made me ache for a strip club and a casino.

I was at a theater presentation of Les Misérable and I wanted to go to Bingo.

I'm so happy my grandson was part of the Chain Gang in Les Misérable. His real life has been very Chain Gang since he got out of prison and when he's not doing time at the Chain Gang he likes to talk about Gang Banging. I've looked that up and have had to discern from two possible definitions.
by quintincrisp July 04, 2011
The brute force by which a pushy butch woman or conservative white man with boobs takes a position over. The word itself is a combination of leverage and lesbian rage.

Usually the take over is performed by talking a person down and not really giving a shit about the job in the first place.

Once the job title is taken over, the job position usually falls into obscurity, because the person taking the job on had no idea what the job duties really were in the first place.
I heard Donald Trump got his position on The Apprentice by using some lesborage.

I heard Rosie O Donnell used lesborage to get her job on Oprah's network. I'm not sure what she has on her.

Lon Mabon has been trying to use lesborage on gays in Oregon for decades.
by quintincrisp July 03, 2011
Paranoid American Jew (PAJ pronounced Padge)

A jewish person that thinks the government is out to get them post 911. A person that takes fema coffin videos seriously on You Tube.
Paranoid American Jew (PAJ pronounced Padge)

Naomi Wolfe is such a PAJ

Gene Simmons at the Anne Frank memorial was one thing, but when he dressed up in uniform and performed Beth he was such a PAJ

That Barbara Streisand used to be a JAP and now she's a PAJ.
by quintincrisp July 03, 2011
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