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2 definitions by pyro013920000

An elderly pervert dressed in tight jeans, jean jacket and cowboy boots who frequents strip clubs and shopping malls

An aging gigolo who is overly sensitive about his age and drooping ball sack

A useless old goat who's only function in life is cutting keys and delivering newspapers

An elderly ramshackle artist with bouts of premature ejaculation
"Look at that Old Goat hitting on those chicks!!"
"Yep, that's Father Neil"

"That dirty old man just told that stripper to piss on it"

"Must be a Father Neil"
by pyro013920000 January 15, 2009
18 3
A name given to a homosexual organist who sodomizes choir boys

An insult to a gay man who is fond of odd hats and silly facial hair

A title given to a grand champion of a cock chugging contest
"I think I'll skip going to church this week"

"Another Uncle Hattey?"

"Yep, and my ass is still bleeding"
by pyro013920000 January 15, 2009
13 4