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12 definitions by prowoodman

A Blibit is a 5 pound sack with 10 pounds of shit (shit meaning stuff) cramed inside it.
IF youre driving down the road and there in the middle or off to the side of the road is a sack of stuff packed full of trash it is called a blibit. They are usually over filled so it is a 5 pound sack with 10 pounds of shit in it!!
by prowoodman July 12, 2006
18 5
the sex change from a male to a female
hey man he's gonna have a addapusstome!!
by prowoodman July 12, 2006
11 1
what a male has to do after he masterbates. Grab some kleenex and clean himself up.
hey, what are your plans for tonight?? Well about 9:00, I'm gonna watch some porn for about an hour, then a little kleenex clean up, have a smoke, and then its off to bed for me!!
by prowoodman August 16, 2006
9 1
Slang terminogly for Bullshit
Ahh man that is Bewshit!!!!!!!!!
by prowoodman August 31, 2008
7 1
A termnalogy for a good looking woman
Hey, look at that chick....She's got a sack to put the feathers in!!!!!!
by prowoodman August 04, 2006
12 7
A southern slang word used in the place of the word corner
what do you want to do with this lamp?/ Uh just put it in the kyoner.
by prowoodman July 30, 2006
6 1
Meaning not to panic.
AH shit we've got a flat tire. Alright now Richard, dont jump nervous, Ive got a spare.
by prowoodman August 31, 2008
4 0