3 definitions by proud CaCo chick

Can be used as an adjective or a noun.
Said as it looks.

1. Used to describe a person from Carroll County, especially someone from South Carroll, as it's the most "ghetto" school in the county.
2. A person can be one.
3. A term to describe someone as hick, or redneck.
4. Used to describe a Carroll County male or female as good looking, hott, fine, sexy, cute, etc.
5. What the Carroll County Ice Hockey Club's team name should be, "The Carroll County Gangstas".

This is not something used to insult or enrage people who actually live in the inner city, or "ghetto" or whatever you want to call it. People in Carroll County are so hick/redneck it's ridiculous, but so obsessed with saying they're not, that this term was devised. The younger a Carroll Countian is, the more likely they are to take it as a compliment or understand what you're saying. The older they are, the more likely they are to say, "Wut the hell did yew jus' call meh, sonny?!"

The more gangsta a person from Carroll County says they are, the more redneck their family is.
I go to South Carroll. I'm Carroll County gangsta, bitch.

My man's a straight up Carroll County gangsta.

You're so Carroll County gangsta, it's not even funny.

Ohhh, man, Bociephus. She's a definite Carroll County gangsta.

Note: When asked "Who you play ice hockey for in Carroll County?", a player should be able to say, "The Carroll County Gangstas. Are you stupid? Its the only team in the whole freakin' county!"
But alas, the coach and/or manager is too stupid to realize it's the perfect name.
by proud CaCo chick October 25, 2006
A noun.
Said "muh-nt ur-ree".
This is a ghetto version of "Mount Airy", or Mt. Airy, Maryland, occasionally used by those who actually grew up or currently live in Mt. Airy. Used by all races.
(Anyone who isn't from Mt. Airy shouldn't use this slang.)

People from Mt. Airy get looked at weird when they say it, but they don't care because that's where they grew up or currently live. If you aren't from Mt. Airy, why the hell would you want to get looked at weird for saying the name of a place where you don't even live?! Don't say it.
I'm from Munt Uury, yo. Represent!

I be reppin' Munt Uury, playa.
by proud CaCo chick October 25, 2006
A noun.
Said "kah-koh".
Abbreviation of the words Carroll County.
Person 1: Where are you from?

Person 2: CaCo, bitch!
by proud CaCo chick October 25, 2006

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