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a scene kid is a lot like an emo (:
though they are not to be confused. scene kids have teased ( backcombed) hair and side bangs or full bangs but they must be choppy. hair is the biggest part of scene.
most the time with a neon streak most favoured is pink.
scene kids LOVE anything to do with childhood ie. dinasours, spiderman, hello kitty. any disney characters and will often watch babys shows.
scene kids dress as an emo would but adding some bright colours to it. unlike emo's they would wear leopard print and zebra print, a bit more imaginative.
they like to use random phrases and words like RAWRRR, NIGZZ, STELLARR, often adding letters.
scene kids are usually very preppy and happy. dont be suprised if you seeee a massive group of scene kids with about 3 of them skipping and shouting, and acting very childishh.
anyone can slit their wrists or self harm so im not guna say that emos self harm and scene kidss dont cuz i noee some scene kids who do self harm.
they wear vans or converse mostly neon or dark colours that are bold compared to their bright clothes.
most wear pearl necklaces some can wear lots of multicoloured necklaces. :)
and bracelets...
theres more to scene kids than most think. scene kids can act like theyre totally ecstatic unlike everyone else when their life is worst.!
scene kid
by princess preppy September 09, 2008

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