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This situation arises when one stakes out a truck stop looking for trucker who is negotiating to obtain services from a commercial sex worker. While the trucker is distracted, one sabotages a vital component of the truck required for ignition (such as cutting the battery cable with bolt cutters). While disabling the truck, one would continue to listen to the negotiation using any one of a wide variety of available listening devices. At the moment of monetary exchange, the saboteur reveals himself by pulling around the truck in a muscle car (preferably a 1978 trans-am with T tops for ease of entry, though any Camaro or Mustang type car will work) and shows a full tooth count, thus seducing the commercial sex worker to hop into the car and accepting fees for services in about half the amount settled upon by the truck driver. This uniformly irritates the trucker. A word of caution: do not attempt this in a prius as the saboteur may end up on the wrong side of the bargain.
In other news, the rash of angry trucker incidents in Green River continues with another case reported today...The incident today involved a trucker who remains anonymous; he said his money was stolen without services rendered, and he had to spend $89 on a new battery cable...
by potato gun marksman January 27, 2011

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