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The epitome of an eleven year old slut/poser/internet reject/scenecore wannabe. Cries like a baby in a video on YouTube famously titled "Muh Emotional BreakDown Over All You Guys Shit!" wherein she bitches like the whore she is about her miserable life and comments from haters. NOt to mention other videos wherein she describes her trysts with young girls, sexual relationships with Dahvie Vanity from the faggy band Blood on the Dance Floor, and her frequent usage of her dirty, sailor mouth. The breakdown video features her pops and mum, saying we ALL DUN' GOOFED! and we are all going to cyberjail.


You made yourself pretty damn popular on 4chan and Tumblr, missy.
Well done.
Not really.
"You don't know who JESSI SLAUGHTER is? Well, ya done goofed! She gon' get the cyber police on ya now bitches!"

"Jessi Slaughter is going to pop a glock in your mouth and make a brain slushie. Yum!

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