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A popular phrase which started in Mobile, AL on St. Patrick's day 2006. Many people (mostly African-Americans) came looking for a Leprechaun supposedly seen in a tree in downtown Mobile. Rumor had it that gold was underneath the tree, which belonged to the leprechaun. Some websites have spoofed this and made it into a rap song.
"I wanna know where da gold! I want da gold! Gimme da gold!"
by Pizzaguylol June 14, 2006
What a big black nigger says when he detects clouds cometh.
Ollie: IS GON RAIN'!
by pizzaguylol July 23, 2006
What that orc peon son of a bitch screams when you just ain't got enough!
*Trains 6 Grunts*
*Trains 3 Shaman*
*Builds a new Barracks*
*Clicks the button to build another Spirit Lodge*

You: D=<
by pizzaguylol July 25, 2006

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