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the most beautiful,sweetest and funniest girl.she is beautiful inside and out, whos natural beauty shines.so much fun to be around always with a smile on her face.a super girly girl who loves shopping and whos favorite color is pink. a lot of people think she is shy and not athletic, but her truest friends know she is super talkative and has a black belt in tae kwon doe. all the boys secretly love her and all the girls secretly want to be her.she has long gorgeous dark brown hair and soft smooth skin.most people think she is innocent but in the insides she is a sassy lil' girl who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in even if she knows it could get her in a lot of trouble.if you know an anais consider yourself lucky
what is wrong with anais, i mean like no one can be so beautiful on the inside and out.
by pinkgirly247 September 08, 2010
an ok girl she barely gets into trouble and always tells on people.her brother and sister are always getting in trouble because of her and must put up with her.she gets almost everything she wants.she can be nice sometimes,but is very annoying too.she also uses a fake baby voice that gets on peoples nerves.people envy her beacause she is youngest and therefore gets more than others also because people are always doing things for her like giving her massages and scratching her for some reason.overall she is not the worst girl but is kinda fake.you can either have a lot of fun with her or get away from her to make sure you dont start fighting and then get tattle taled on by her.
boy 1 : why are you so mean?

guinevieve: im gonna tell on you for calling me mean
by pinkgirly247 September 06, 2010
a boy that loves playing video games. he sticks up for asians always saying asian pride as he is asian himself. he is kind of a nerd, but is very smart. he is always getting in trouble by his sibling as she always tells on him, he has learned to deal with it though. he is pretty athletic as he takes karate. his idol is bruce lee and he loves the chinese coulture.overall cameron is a pretty cool dude
who is that boy who keeps running around saying asian pride

that is cameron
by pinkgirly247 September 08, 2010
a very artistic girl. she must deal with her sibling who always gets what she wants. she likes paul frank and cooking with her cousin.she is nice at times but annoying at others. she has short brown hair and is very fun to be around. she is shy around people she doesnt know but outgoing with people she does know well. she likes play fighting with her cousins and brother and sister as she likes getting rough. overall she is an ok gal
you are a pretty good artist fiona
by pinkgirly247 September 08, 2010
she is kind of nice but can get really mean sometimes.she gets in trouble a lot by her sibling and does not like her for it.usually you will have a lot of fun with her. she loves making things and is pretty artistic. she can be annoying at times but doesnt do it on purpose.she can make very mean jokes about people without realizing it. whenever you show her something and she wants it she might take it behind your back. overall she has good intentions and is a pretty nice girl, well sometimes
i cant figure out if fiona is nice or mean, it always changes
by pinkgirly247 September 06, 2010

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