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home of marylands most thumpin high school mixers where the girl to guy ratio is always 50 - 1.5, the school that all the cool guys attend. all girls love guys from calvert hall and just going there can be enough to get you laid. unless your in the band. much cooler than loyola
girl: "where do you go to school?"
guy#1: "loyola"
girl: "fag" *turns and walks away*
girl: "where do YOU go to school?"
guy#2: "calvert hall"
girl: "oh baby" *takes off pants*
by pimptacular pimp man April 23, 2005
the real o.c. where all the kids from the 15 miles surrounding towson all vacation in the summer, get drunk off their asses, stumble around and hookup all over the place.

home of senior week
the craziest week ever

the locals are mostly lame except for the fishermen and the surfers and athe local kids are trash

crappy surf but hott chicks everywhere
guy #1 when are you goin down to oc this summer?
girl#1 oh ill be there all of july
guy#1 oh sick lets get drunk out of our minds and do it on the beach
girl#1 awesome!
by pimptacular pimp man June 21, 2005
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