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To degenerate cognitively, to be in the process of having a mental breakdown, the process of going crazy
Jeff: I can't believe what my pops says sometimes. It's like he's incapable of higher thought!

Julian: Yeah, I'd say your pops is going off the deep end LOL!
by paydog23 September 12, 2010
A derogatory nickname for the Kansas City Chiefs that is utilized by Raiders fans such as myself. By calling the Chiefs "Queefs" we insult the manhood and toughness of the Chiefs players and their fans, especially if they decide to brag about how their team is better than ours. Get out of here Queefs fans, RAIDER NATION ALL DAY!
The Oakland Raiders owned the Queefs on their home field for the 4th year in a row during the last game of the 2010 regular season. The Queefs might have gone to the playoffs, but the Raiders made clear who the real best team of the AFC West was and still is.
by paydog23 July 14, 2011
The Oakland Raiders are a controversial NFL team reviled by "higher class" haters. They are loved by the Raider Nation, which consists of football fans who are intense, passionate individuals with chips on their shoulders. The Raiders have always insisted on doing things their way, playing with a lot of heart, and winning and succeeding in spite of their own foolish mistakes. To be a Raider is to defeat opponents sheerly based on your iron will, mental toughness, and true grit.

Perennial underdogs who revel in proving their critics wrong, the Raiders and their fans have a rich tradition of embracing former castoffs like Jim Plunkett and Rich Gannon and turning them into gunslinging, weatherbeaten winners.

The Raiders also have the best and most meaningful team slogans, "Pride and Poise," "Just Win, Baby," "Commitment to Excellence," and "Just Cut It Loose." For more information on the Oakland Raiders, check out the team's official anthem, "The Autumn Wind", which truly describes what it means to be a Raider.
Broncos Fan: Dude, the Oakland Raiders suck! Why are you still rooting for these losers?!!Go Broncos!!

Oakland Raider Fan: Win, lose, or tie, I'm a Raider 'til I die.

Next Day....

Broncos Fan: Hey can we not talk about football today?

Oakland Raiders Fan: Why because you're butt-hurt that the Raiders raped your donkeys in front of your own fans? 59-14 baby!!!! Suck on that, Run DMC all day baby!!! Donkeys suck!!!!
by paydog23 December 29, 2010

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