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8 definitions by pauliesatx

someone who has herpes. hence, the gift that keeps on giving.
watch out for girl, she's got the gift.
by pauliesatx August 09, 2006
55 33
trying to put out a fire with your urine. originated on a south park episode.
i am gonna trent boyet the bar b que pit.
by pauliesatx August 09, 2006
26 7
when having sex with a girl. when she cums and ur still in her u look down and see her white milky substance. hence looks like butter when it has been churned.

baby butter.
girl: i came all ready.

guy: i can see the baby butter babe. lets keep churnin.
by pauliesatx August 27, 2008
7 13
a group of old ass skaters in san antonio texas.


a rap group in australia.
oh god! here comes the dirty boyz, there they go to go skate the pool.
by pauliesatx August 11, 2006
7 13
when your naked butt to butt and one person farts against the other waking the other person up.
" hey kelly how did you wake up this morning? oh my boyfriend used a mexican alarm clock to wake me up."
by pauliesatx May 16, 2009
4 12
one partner's urine is tasted or smelled when doing sixty nine.
i was with my girl friend and we did 69 but she smelled like urine.

oh you had a double daisy.
by pauliesatx August 09, 2006
2 12
a person who has been fired at the work place and then claims that they where having sex with the boss in order to profit.
that guy with big hair on amirican idol who got kicked off and later he claimed that he was having sex with paula abdul to get his name in the spotlight again.

"you i got fired from work, i think i am gonna do a paula abdul on her/his ass."
by pauliesatx August 09, 2006
21 54