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3 definitions by patman noldawg

(first of all i am NOT racist i think that is HELLA gay)used by almost all races (though a litle excessive in some latino) to refer to as a friend or by some particularly stupid people, just to sound cooler around thier non-white friends. some african-americans WILL be offended, but in the last 5 years has lessend, and I do not see why as long as your not using it in a racial context right? or do i just not understand cause im white. but i have black friends and most of the time i have no idea if they are cool with a whitey saying it but i still say it i have no problem, if they choose to take it offensively and talk a bunch of shit, then i guess i wont hang out with them. but if used black to black it is fine. why? i dont know but most will be cool about white people sayin it and you know what this is kind of a joke but " if they wanna be called african-american, i wanna be called european american" lol but really why "african-american?" and if you will notice the black doesnt care wen the latino says nigga, i think they get mad to mess with our minds jk
black 2 black
A-wazzup ma nigga
B-not much wutz wich u nigga
(no reaction)

latino 2 black
A-ay mang, whats up nigga
B-not much wutz wich u nigga
(no reaction)

white 2 black
A-hey nigga, what is up with it
B-wud u say? u think after all u did u can still call me dat?(notice they said HE did it. WTF!)
(violent reaction)
by patman noldawg December 06, 2007
7 7
1)chuck norris 2)Bad Ass Mother Fucker
bamf will round house kick you in the face riley
by patman noldawg December 08, 2007
4 6
a sex toy filling the same requirements as a dildo for a girl but for men assentially a plstic/rubber vagina that losers that cant pick up a girl on a friday night use
the man was lonely so he used a dillhole to satisfy himself
by patman noldawg October 13, 2007
5 19