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When a man sticks a cube of chedar cheese inside a pregnant womans vagina and then as the woman is about to give birth he inserts his dick into the vagina therefore forcefully inserting the rounded cube of chese inside the childs mouth.
Hey babe, u want to do the Moldy Macaroni?
#moldy #macaroni #sex #smeks #cheese #birth #children
by parkisonsexaddicts November 10, 2008
Take a baracuda, then insert the animal into a womans vagina, who is on their period. Then one plugs the hole with their genitals and let the fish swim around in the womans menstrual juices.
Man, you sure gave her the bloody baracuda last night.
#bloody #baracuda #period #menstrual #juices #sex
by Parkisonsexaddicts November 10, 2008
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