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The unconscious reflex that continually brings you back to Facebook without knowing how you got there.
Wait, why am I reading my middle school girlfriend's wall posts again?... Aw, damn you Facebook Reflex! Not again!
by pareboy January 14, 2010
Outsourcing something to your friends.
I couldn't finish my book report so I friendsourced it.
by pareboy August 08, 2009
Using facts, links, photos, videos and articles as units of exchange across social networks.
"Wow Vic, that blog post you linked to was amazing- that's some good conversational currency right there."
by pareboy January 27, 2010
An epic snowstorm of unprecedented proportions.
Victor: Yo Jamie, I heard you guys in DC just got hit with some snow.

Jamie: Some snow? Nah, we were full-on assaulted by Snowtorious B.I.G. And it was juicy.
by pareboy February 09, 2010

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