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3 definitions by panda girl

One of the first internet memes, the "Ate My Balls" websites consisted of low resolution pictures of various celebrities discussing their enthusiasm for ball-eating. It all began with "Mr. T Ate My Balls,' a site created by a University of Illinois student in 1996 that soon spawned several knock-off sites such as Homer Simpson Ate My Balls, Chewbacca Ate My Balls, Hello Kitty Ate My Balls, Bill Gates Bought My Balls.....
If you were a student in the l990s, you probably remember the "Ate My Balls" websites.
by panda girl September 11, 2011
Wild behavior common with cats late at night who will run from room to room and jump on furniture, often yowling, for no explicable reason.
Angela: What's wrong with Mr. Mittens? Last night he spent an hour racing through my apartment meowing like a banshee.

William: I wouldn't worry, it's probably just the midnight crazies: typical weird feline behavior.
by panda girl November 16, 2011
An unconventional young person from the 1920s and 1930s who lived to go to fashionable parties, drink and shock their elders. As with their modern counterpart the hipster, this madcap lifestyle often depended on a regular allowance from wealthy parents.
I remember my great grandma Hazel as a grouchy old lady who knit all day, but my mother said before she got married she had been a bright young thing who drank bootleg gin and swung on chandeliers.
by panda girl September 10, 2011