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A city by the shore and south of San Francisco. Quiet suburb famous for its foggy weather (even though this is rare) and cold beaches. Terrible living conditions there. There's no forms of public transportation, nothing to do, and the people who live there and incredibly racist and unfriendly.

Do not raise kids here, especially if you are a race other than white. They will be terribly unhappy, depressed, and constantly bored. However, this city is ideal for poor surfers who don't mind cold water, or old couples (or single people) who cannot tolerate other people.

Although, technically, this city is very close to lovely San Francisco, it is very difficult to commute to the city unless you have a car. Even then, your gas mileage will take quite a hit.
Dude, my high school years sucked because I lived in Pacifica and went to school in San Francisco. It was like I was an outcast in both cities.
by p-town sucks March 26, 2010

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